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Sep 20, 2010 7:00pm PDT
the globe except in north america this year. what's been driving north american telecom. >> i think we have strengthened our position qi dramatically in north america. all the latest technology and the customers and the carriers in the country. also we have... we were running the network for sprint. all in all we have 14,000 employees in north america. we're more than one provider in north america. this is an important market for us. >> tom: you're talking about the roll out of the 4-g network. what's the global outlook our seeing. >> as we saw yesterday, the report from the commission i think we're seeing very big need for broadband all around the world. the main will be broadband. and the main part will be mobile. we see that from any type of country, the productivity and the importance of having broadband. so that's a general theme across the globe when it comes to broadband. >> tom: clearly anticipating monster growth in the years ahead. just last quarter you blamed component shortages and supply chain bottle necks for slower growth for erickson. are those continue something. >> i think
Sep 6, 2010 5:30pm PDT
and packing house. and despite being the oldest continuously run citrus packing operation in north america, it actually is pretty state-of-the-art these days. >> basically, what we're looking at here is the camera system that basically takes a picture of each piece of fruit. then what happens is that it can tell, basically, its color, its size, and then how much blemish might be on that lemon itself. >> and whatever isn't deemed of the highest and best quality is then removed and sold to be used as lemon-scented cleaners, air fresheners, or candles. so what's the key to growing a great lemon for all of these years? as it turns out, location, location, location. >> lemons are very temperamental with the weather, just like we are, as a matter of fact. in fact, they enjoy the beautiful weather that we do. they're able to flower year-round, and that's why we can get such great production off these smaller trees. they're relatively small trees. and so, we're in a perfect scenario between not too hot, not too cold. we're a bit of the goldilocks of the citrus growing area. >> california is the nu
Sep 3, 2010 7:00pm PDT
wave continues across the country. north america now, talking about storms here, too. i new tropical depression that formed south of the baja peninsula, heading west. then there's earl, a different story altogether. this is our very large system that is moving up the atlantic coast. let's take a look at the most recent figures. earl is a category 2 storm. it is moving at 30 kilometers per hour. looks like it's going to be making landfall either in new brunswick, probably on saturday morning, local time. now, you need to make sure you check all of your local watches and warnings that are being posted for areas all along the coast. there's going to be heavy rain and that will mean flooding as well as dangerous storm force winds. another storm we want to talk about is fiona. a much weaker storm, but this is passing close to bermuda and could bring quite a bit of strong wind and heavy rain as well, as much as 70 millimeters in 24 hours, and that's going to be on saturday as well. for the rest of north america, clear out quite well in the u.s. but we'll see heavy rain heading up into east
Sep 29, 2010 3:30am PDT
ocean and north america. his specific work concerns impacts of climate changes on water resources and other sectors in west europe north america and he also worked on large scale exchange of heat and water between the ocean and the atmosphere. dan is also a director of the california climate change center a center that works to improve and forecast for decision makers in the california region and i'm sure it's information we can take throughout the united states. dan recieved a bachelor of science in meterologist and oceanographer and received in 1971 from university that makes us about the same age dan, but i'm just a broken down lawyer and economists. he received a, ph.d., in ee in san diego. his speech today will focus on climate change and it's challenge to our water supply. please welcome doctor dan cohan. >> thank you susan, well, it's a privilege to be here. i'm really impressed with the gathering that you've all assembled here in and the quality of the discussion. so i know that i don't want to wear out my welcome so i'll try to get through this sort of on time. you know a
Sep 14, 2010 10:00pm PDT
of north america. based in santa paula, the farm is a testament to what hard work and determination can do. foundi fathers nathan blanchard and wallace hardison first bought the land way back in 1893 and named the ranch limoneira, which means "lemon lands" in portuguese. >> and at the time, they wanted to bring about the first full-scale commercial operation citrus ranch in the u.s. and from there, we added, throughout the years, over the last 115-16 years, 3 other families have come into the fold, and that's where we've grown today to be our 7,000 acres that we are in california. >> once called the home of the lemon, it actually took 15 years before those first farmers ev turned a profit at the limoneira farm. but they persevered, and as they say, they've come a long way, baby. things have obviously changed a lot over the years, but one thing that hasn't changed is the desire to explore innovative programs. the farm invests a lot of time, research, and investment into improving lemon production through innovation. in 2008, they completed work on a solar panel project that stretches across
Sep 20, 2010 6:00am EDT
is an important thing so general motors of china stepped up to the plate and general motors' north america did not do that. gm north america and gm china are one now. we are getting the new buick regal which is an excellent midsized car. i credit gm china for somehow transferring its culture to gm's north america and reinvigorating gm north america. >> how far have you traveled to see a manufacturing plant. >> i have been all over the world. i have been to kazakhstan. i have been all over there looking at cars in moscow and looking at throttle industry, brazil -- looking at their automobile industry, brazil. western europe as a second home. germany and france, it is a fascinating industry. all of that travel -- whoever said that travel is the best way to eradicate your biases, was correct. >> i think you have to wait 13 years in germany to get a car. >> they were awful. >> five years later we went back there and they were gone. >> you see that in kazakhstan and russia. about two years after the wall came down, i went to munich and interviews with bmw. there were maybe three or four tr whiteaba
Sep 19, 2010 8:00pm EDT
important thing, and oddly enough, g.m.'s steps up to it in china while gm north america was sitting on its laurels and not doing that. gm north america and gm china, in my idea are one. that is a good thing. now we are getting the new buick regal. it is a midsized car. i credit gm china for somehow transforming its culture to gm north america and we in for deborah -- reinvigorating gm america. >> how for the travel to see an automobile being manufactured? >> i travel the world. that is one reason i love this job. i went all over, looking for cars. all over russia, not all over russia, but moscow and places like that, looking at their automobile industry. looking a production and the car industry down there. is a fascinating industry. europe is kind of like a second home. germany and france and japan for it is a fascinating industry. whoever said that travel is the best way to eradicate your biases knew what they were talking about. >> new travel to germany, the first thing you see are those [unintelligible] they were two strokes. five years later, we went back and were gone. you had a car
Sep 24, 2010 7:00pm PDT
, and the like. now, on to the rest of north america, very strong system across eastern canada here. that will also bring some cooler weather into the eastern united states. although it is dry right now and very warm for the east coast. i'll show you that in a second. interior portions of the u.s., really quiet right now, but as we head further to the west, you can see this area of pink here. that is going to be very heavy rain and gale force winds. pacific storm system moving in to parts of british colombia. so rain for you in vancouver. and really all into interior areas as well. 16 for your high. winnipeg is going to be around 15. 21 in chicago and 30 degrees, very summery, for those 30s across the east. now, looking at europe, well, it is going to be kind of messy if you're anywhere in western europe right now. this big complex of storms, anywhere from southern scandinavia down to the central mediterranean is really under the gun for wet weather, potentially severe weather, especially near the alpine parts as well. so stormy here, potentially severe gusts, hail, and lightning al
Sep 8, 2010 1:00am PDT
, north america. i will skip to slide number9. our plan is very similar to yours. we will launch later this year with a 25% qualifying renewable content in our mix. our business plan target is the 50% renewable by 2015 and 100% by 2016. these targets are discussed on a five-year basis. we're looking to get a 100% renewable content within six years. so for all the indications are that they will meet this goal. they will be able to meet this with no cost premiums whatsoever. our product costs and our deep green costs will converge in six years. at that point and time, our plan is to have everyone merge into our 100% program assuming that we can beat the incumbent utilities generation cost. >> and little bit of healthy competition between marin county and san francisco. >> that's right. it is good to provide for each other and to have some competition. they also serve -- how can government stay efficient. pg&e will be attempting to get under us in terms of a generation costs. i think that competition is a wonderful thing. that is the main policy objective that we appreciated. this allows
Sep 2, 2010 7:00pm PDT
is president of north america for executive recruiting firm korn ferry. bob, welcome to nightly business report. >> tom, thank you very much. good to be here. >> tom: so are older c.e.o.s more in demand these days? >> yeah, tom, we've seen a market increase in the demand for what we like to call seasoned c.e.o.s. in fact, there's a kind of a saying in the boardroom today that 60 is the new 50. >> tom: fair enough. and three factors have been driving this, according to your research. the complexity of the business, things are just very complicated out there. business is getting done at an accelerated speed and so much more risk. so what does a seasoned c.e.o. bring that perhaps new leadership and new ideas doesn't? >> yeah, well, the complexity of business is due to two things. one is the, you know, the rapid globalization that all companies are experiencing. and second reason is that the competition is getting much smarter. so seasoned c.e.o.s have tended to deal with those issues a lot more and therefore are capable of migrating pretty complicated seas. on the factor of speed, having been ther
Sep 12, 2010 10:00am PDT
. >> this is not america. this is not our country. >> islamic society of north america president also had a message for muslims. >> don't use these incidents as hateful as they are, as hurtful as they are, to justify any kind of hatred against america or christians, american christians or jews. >> imam rauf, organizer of the proposed new york islamic center, said his mission is to build bridges between religious groups. in a column in "the new york times," he said interfaith support for the center is helping to undermine anti-american radals. >>> a new report from the former heads of the 9/11 commission says u.s. authorities have not done enough to address the threat of homegrown terrorism. it urged new systems be put in place to counter radicalization. kim lawton reports that several leading u.s. muslim groups are already trying to confront these concerns with new efforts to pro-vent extremism from taking hold in their communities. >> reporter: it's late afternoon in manassas, virginia, not far outside washington, dc, and at the dar al noor mosque they're getting ready for a good all-american barb
Aug 31, 2010 7:00pm PDT
north america to the east remaining quite settled here, high pressure in place, well-developed system over toward central canada. will produce some showers for you. also could turn a little bit stormy here along the central plains. out west fairly dry. a couple showers will push through the pacific northwest and british columbia as well. but should start looking a little dryer on wednesday. highs today still very hot toward the northeast. 36 in new york, 34 for d.c., and 32 in toronto. all right. so that is a look at your weather for now. and here is your three-day outlook. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> all eyes are on the ruling democratic party of japan as it has announced the start of official campaigning for its presidential election on september 14th. the former secretary-general, ichiro ozawa, and prime minister naoto kan, the current dpj president, are running as candidates. nhk world reporter minako misawa is standing by at the party's headquarters. minako? >> reporter: yes, catherine. deputies filed candidacy applications for ozawa and kan on wednesday morning. each candidate had endor
Sep 10, 2010 7:00pm PDT
go into north america. texas is quieted on down. that moisture from hermine shifted into parts of eastern kansas as well as missouri. picks up steam from another system here and still bringing drenching rains. now, the system, in fact, extends up towards central canada, manitoba, saskatchewan, any cells could bring severe, isolated storms. the upper midwest into the lower midwest, hail, strong gusts, very -- lots of lightning and downpours quite heavy at times. east coast looking to dry out. towards the west, also quiet here. although there does seem to be rain moving into british columbia. here's a look at how temperatures are on friday. 14 degrees in winnipeg. chilly for you. 27 in denver. hot and muggy in houston. miami, 33. 23 in new york city. more autumnal there. last, let's head over to europe. western europe, looking nice. calm conditions here. also eastern europe, though really, really calm all week, things are going to change. i'll show you why. look at this cloud here. underneath itti a couple of strg systems. the pesky, low pressure system not moving too much. still
Sep 14, 2010 6:00pm PDT
east, in megatons. the former soviet states, north america combined. australia and asia produced 380 megatons, slightly more than latin-american. europe accounts for almost negligible share in the global " -- total. global consumption is rising at a rate of 1% to two% per year. the u.s. consumes one-quarter of the world's annual production, 943 megatons. the chinese thirst for oil continues to grow as the country industrializes. japan is followed by the second- largest economy, india, which now uses more oil than russia. sixth place is shared jointly on the consumption scale. even the arctic has now become a prospecting area. drilling there can be risky and expensive, but oil giants say there is no alternative as of the deposits begin to dwindle. the opec states, saudi arabia, iran, and iraq have the biggest reserves. in brazil, their reserves have been found to be more extensive than thought initially, and there is some in an boller. 160,000 megatons is the expected reserve. how long they last depends on many factors, including future consumption rates and new prospecting technologi
Sep 16, 2010 6:00pm PDT
tried to fight the drug trade, but has broken off cooperation with north america, in the war on drugs. in 2008, morales ordered the expulsion of the u.s. ambassador to bolivia for getting involved in country affairs. he has never been the one to shy away from risk taking. a huge store of lithium was recently discovered in the largest salt lake. it is used in batteries in high- tech devices. with a two-thirds majority in both houses of parliament, he is able to charge ahead with his reforms. bolivia contents to reinvent himself -- revet -- reinvent itself. >> the natural physical beauty of latin america are all rich and varied. for many expatriate's, it is not always easy being so far from home. >> the magic of her homeland columbia flows through her voice. even here. a singer has lived in germany for six years. she and her band bring a lot american flair to the rhineland. it is not always easy. >> here, i am not as inspired musically as i am in columbia. there is music there on every corner. just the voices of people on the streets. there is so much life everywhere you go. >> she work
Sep 17, 2010 7:00pm PDT
for flooding and very high winds as well. elsewhere in north america, the u.s. is looking quite settled for southern portions though ahead of this front, some stormy conditions, quite severe in nebraska, iowa as well. showers also pushing through the pacific portienorthwest. very cool to the north, just 11 degrees in winnipeg. let's move now into europe. that big wichbdy system across the north is still lingering here. you can see those bands very close together where it is going to be very breezy. then in behind that we have a new warm front moving in to the british isles. that will kept things wet and unsettled for the weekend across the north there. the alpine region is dealing with pretty intense storms. as one band of rain and storms moves away, another comes up from iberia so staying quite unsettled for you there the weekend. tens in temperatures across the board really. stock hoholm stockholm, 13. 18 in vienna and kiev. athens, 34, keeping ahold of the summer's air. here's your extended forecast. >>> archaeologists say they've made an interesting discovery among the ruins located
Sep 20, 2010 7:00pm PDT
in beijing with that rain and fwhiwind in place, 19 degrees. 35 degrees in chongching. >>> in north america, hurricane igor has picked up more pace. it stays offshore. it will get close to the south southeastern tip of canada and maintain that strength. we will likely see damaging winds as well as torrential rains, as much as 200 millimeters in the next day or so. keep updated with your local reports if you are in the area. it's producing dangerous rip currents as well as large swells. across the eastern third of the u.s. and canada, looking generally calm and dry. central areas dealing with very windy conditions today. red flag warnings in place across the rockies and towards the north. the storm system likely to kick up a few strong thunderstorms in minnesota. relatively cool across central and western canada and down in the south. still dealing with lots of showers and lots of heavy rain in place across mexico after hurricane karl made landfall of friday. remnants causing havoc on. 25 degrees in mexico city today with heavy rain, stays hot in houston. 33. 31 up in chicago. it will be qui
Sep 22, 2010 7:00pm PDT
in e. on to north america. some severe storms are going to be starting to make their way felt across parts of the lower midwest into anywhere from kansas to wisconsin right here. that frontal boundary moving on through. it's going to be very potent, and behind it we have a lot more moisture, and why is that? well, a tropical depression is actually moving its way, pushing in moisture into the four corners region, and you can see that rain just scoots its way up in towards the northern plains. it will be particularly heavy over the next 24 hours. now, the east coast, southeast warm, dry, still summery. temperatures in the 30s for parts of new york, washington, atlanta, all the way into houston as well. behind that front though, much, much more reasonable 18 in seattle and 10 degrees, a little chilly, in winnipeg. last, let's take a look at europe today. no complaints across continental europe. you're looking at mild, fine, dry, and sunny weather. now, where it's not going to be so nice is in the british isles. you can see very windy and messy low moving through. another complex of stor
Sep 21, 2010 4:30am PDT
of those with dementia are upper income, most in western europe and north america and most live at home with a spouse. >>> in fact the authors of the report talk about the impact of alzheimer's on care givers. something they can't put a price tag on. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> hard for those folks. we top the take a look at what's coming up and we turn to brent in the newsroom. good morning. >> i will be along in a moment. the report on high risk pipelines shows one runs under the premier college. we will go to campitous see how people are feeling. this is video and we will grill on why they cannot seem to balance their checkbook like you and i. the giants are in first place and you can buy tickets today. how and how much they might cost in a few minutes on today in the bay. >> i can't wait to go to the game. new this morning, police are on the hunt for a man who sexually assaulted women getting in and out of cars. later today, we may get a better look at the suspect. christie smith is live where the attacks took place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the att
Sep 27, 2010 4:00am PDT
's heroic footsteps. joining firefighters from across north america for the annual tunnel to towers run honoring stephen stiller, a new york firefighter when he heard about the 9/11 attack ran with 90 pounds of gear from brooklyn to manhattan to help save lives. stiller later died in the towers. >>> i'm veronica de la cruz and this is nr early stnbc n.toat your nbc station. io >>> just a month away from halloween, and one contest in germany shows why pumpkins aren't just for eating and carving. it is the international pumpkin boat championships where contestants turn giant pumpkins into engine-powered race boats speeding along a 650-feet-long course. this year's winner had a secret formula for success. for a month he was on a strict pumpkin-only diet. congratulations. >>> this weekend the jungle wasn't the only place where gorillas were running wild. in london, runners took to the streets in gorilla suits to raise money and awareness for endangered african gorillas. 700 runners got behind the cause, running the four-mile-long race. the event organizer reported out that coincidently 700
Sep 5, 2010 5:00pm PDT
: not much of a break for president obama. this week he's focusing on jobs, creating them for north america and giving jobs to people on capitol hill. >> i'm willing to give tax breaks to those who create jobs right here in america. >> they say it's great, but -- >> this should have been on the table a year and a half ago. we're also talking about a payroll tax holiday. >> republicans say it's politically motivated. the congressional elections are less than 60 days away. >> they said employment would be a maximum of 8%. it's now 9.6%. enough said. >> the voters are ready to punish both parties. the democrats are in danger of losing both the house and the senate. >> they pay the price of having focused so thoroughly on health care for a solid year at a time when the economy was deteriorating. >> we're moving in the right direction. we just have to speed it up. >> reporter: it's too late to turn the economy around before november, but perhaps not too late to change some minds. bryan moore, nbc news, washington. >>> two members of the california chamber of commerce are stepping down after the
Sep 6, 2010 7:00pm PDT
his. >> reporter: san jose is the third city in north america to host this exhibit. >> music is something that feels right when it's their mac so coming up here and coming and having a different mindset. >> reporter: from this high school student plane prelude in g. minor to this homeless man playing the nonmeat each piano is drawing a range of people and sounds. some inspect the instrument in some show off there fancy finger work and some are plain piano for their first time. >> the goal behind the project is to place pianos in community meeting places where people might not otherwise have a reason to speak to each other. >> which is what we found that these two men which just met. >> i am kind of a hermit. i don't know that many people. i played a piano and people come around and not only is this one of the greatest ideas for increasing uprising because everyone wants music around here. i think that's one of the hugest outlets that people can have that is positive. >> reporter: the pianos will be up until september 21st in for a map of the locations go to in san
Sep 8, 2010 5:00pm PDT
's head to north america, drenching downpours continue to affect texas, flooding was reported in some of the parts of texas, and again we're seeing these remnants of hermine which continue to really pound the southern areas here from texas, oklahoma, even up into the lower midwest as well, so we've got flood warnings in place for a wide area. a separate system to the northeast is making its way into eastern canada. we've got drenching downpours forecast for you. it's going to be quite windy out here and also the cold air ushering from the north will be dropping temperatures dramatically up in the northeastern corner. looking quite chilly and windy as well out towards the west. we do have red flag warnings in place across the central rockies, and then this low pressure system moving through is going to be dumping lots of rain, it's looking quite severe as well as that storm system heads into the northern plains. let's take a look at the temperatures then, 18 degrees in vancouver today, 20 in winnipeg. 24 in new york, but staying very hot down in the south, 34 degrees in houston. now a
Sep 29, 2010 4:00am PDT
degrees north and 60 degrees north and north america is here and here. let's just talk about the bottom part of this. this is the median of the projected change in precipitation where change is coated by color. red is less. what did you give me there david? 0? well, let's rearrange and i want to talk a little longer everybody is giving me attention here. i'll promise to hasten up a little bit. red is dryer and blue is wetter. and what you can see here is that along the sub tropics the latitudes between 20 degrees north and south and 30 degrees or so there tends to be a trying so the way the atmosphere works if you look at it sideways from along the equator the air is rising along the equator and sinking polar to that in the sub tropics and in our area that's calledd the north pacific high. that's why we don't get much rain. we're under the influence of the north pacific high. what's happening in these climate simulations is those subtropical highs, more or less, are strengthening, on the other hand if you live in seattle you might be more encouraged because it looks like there's a ten
Sep 29, 2010 4:30am PDT
, by the end of the century, about 2, 2 and a half degrees celsius. but when you get to the interior of north america, this is for summer, the temperature rise is in excess of five celsius and colorado does not look very good, naturally in those terms. so, what this suggests - and more than one model shows the same kind of behavior and i'll show you : tha. but this is a transit of southern california showing you the temperature rise across this area, and you see this tremendous gradient of temperature increase as you get in land. of course, that has a profound influence - or would have on all sorts of things including probably water, eco systems, forest fires, human health, all sorts of issues. this is a facet of the latest generations of climate models that really was not recognized five years back or so and whether or not this is going to be um... - this is going to be verified and confirmed by future model runs that's a question, but it looks like land properties, because of the drying that brad mentioned feeding back to the summertime atmosphere, and perhaps causing a pot
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 385 (some duplicates have been removed)